Lizzie dans tous ses états (Harlequin Red Dress Ink) (French Edition)

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She had once despised the arragant young duke. Now she knew if he didn't love her she would die!. He was arrogant wealthy fiercely handsome and very imoratnt--but folly tempted her to love him. Recently orphaned Ina must go with her uncle and his wife Lucy to a house part at Chale. When he meets the beautiful Aspasia at the house of the Duchess of Grimstone the Marquis of Thame assumes she is a skillful actress superb in her role as an innocent girl.

He had saved a flame-haired beauty from peril. Could he now win her reluctant heart. A secret promise kept her from love--could a mysterious stranger set her heart free. Previously published in A high-spirited young beauty enters into an impetuous charade to save the man she loves.

An inexperienced young girl in a jaded world of intrigue and danger. Dutton Hard Cover. Regency romance. Like New. A Camfield novel. Heiress Oletha Ashurst's father has arranged her marriage to the Duke of Gorleston. The first name suggests Daniel Defoe , the author of The life and strange surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe We may recall that in The enchanter , that Ur-Lolita, the protagonist is dreaming of "my little female Friday. Byron, Marguerite. Lolita contains several allusions to Byron, and specifically to his personal life : the name of Annabel Leigh, Humbert's adolescent love, besides being an obvious reference to Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee" , is split, so to speak, between Byron's wife Annabel Milbanke, whom he left after a year of marriage, and Augusta Leigh, his half-sister, with whom the poet was rumored to have an incestuous relationship.

This novel is mentioned in Aleksandr Pushkin's Eugene Onegin and is repeatedly referred to in Nabokov's Commentary to it. Marguerite might allude to Marguerite of Navarre , the author of Heptameron , the book of novellas in Boccaccioan style. Specifically, it contains two novellas nos 41 and 46 somewhat reminiscent of Lolita, in which clergymen, under seemly pretexts and with the cooperation of unsuspecting gullible mothers, try to have their way with innocent young daughters.

Campbell, Alice. The last name suggests Thomas Campbell, a Scottish poet Duncan, Walter. The first name evokes of course the title heroine of Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the pen name of Charles L. Dodgson Furthermore, allusions to Carroll himself see are pertinent to the novel : this English writer and mathematician was also believed to be a nympholept, so that Nabokov dubs him "the first Humbert Humbert" Humbert's calling Lolita "my glowing darling" Some slight self -reference may be involved here too, as that poem is set in April, the month of Nabokov's birth.

Tennyson's "The miller's daughter," in its turn, evokes a whole array of literary works, including Pushkin's unfinished drama "Rusalka" "The Rivermaid" , for which Nabokov composed an ending Like Lolita, Alice is a young, innocent and pretty girl, who experiences captivity at the hands of an outsider Native Americans in Alice's case , only later to be married to someone of more congenial background. Carmine, Rose. A semantically meaningful name cf.

Fantasia, Stella and Glave, Mabel — a rose of carmine hue — that makes this classmate of Lolita 's part of her other, more distant "bodyguard of roses" Furthermore, Rose may be perceived as her surrogate cf. Glave, Mabel; Honeck, Rosaline and Smith, Hazel , since Lolita is associated with rose see as well as with the carmine color. Haze, Dolores.

For Carmen allusions, see 45 and Chatfield, Phyllis. Phyllis Fillida is mentioned in Eugene Onegin 3. In his Commentary to Pushkin's novel in verse, Nabokov speaks of Phyllis as "a generalized figure, the beloved maiden of 'Arcadian' poetry, pastorals and the like. Clarke, Gordon. The surname alludes to Edward Daniel Clarke 1 1 , an English traveler and mineralogist, the author of Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa Nabokov mentions Clarke's work in his Commentary to Eugene Onegin in one breath with Byron's Childe Harold's pilgrimage , quoted in the novel see 70 and , and with Don Juan ; whence, perhaps, Gordon, Byron's middle name cf.

The motif of travel is all the more relevant, since the class list appears on the other side of "the sheet of lightweight paper" with "a map of the States" Cowan, John. The last name evokes Jerome Milton Cowan , Cornell professor of linguistics and Nabokov's tennis partner, the initials of whose first and middle names are suspiciously identical to those of John and Marion, the Cowan twins on the class list.

In addition, the surname perhaps relates to Frank Cowan , the author of a popular entomological book, Curious facts in the history of insects , with a chapter on butterflies, and also of works of fiction such as Zomara. A romance of Spain — thereby intricately alluding to Nabokov's own twofold pursuit of lepidoptera and letters. Cowan, Marion. Contextually, the first name reappears in those of the fictitious playwright, Marion Rumpelmeyer see and , and a book character, whose poor relations with her mother, later deceased, make Humbert muse about Lolita's realizing "that even the most miserable of family lives was better than the parody of incest, which, in the long run, was the best I could offer the waif Metatextually, the name suggests Sir James Matthew Barrie through a fleeting character in his play A kiss for Cinderella , as Nabokov alludes to this "quiet British dreamer" in the very same episode as he mentions Marion Rumpelmeyer and For another Barrie allusion, see Hamilton, Mary Rose.

Duncan is the king of Scotland murdered while staying overnight at Macbeth's castle. This allusion creates a comic effect in combination with a later, spooneric, reference to Duncan Hines's hotel guidebook, Lodging for a night see and Major Duncan is also a character in Cooper's The pathfinder ; cf. Glave, Mabel. And as a first name, it invokes Duncan Hey ward in Cooper's earlier mentioned novel, The last of the Mohicans cf.

The first name Walter seems to corroborate this latter supposition. It also reverberates in the famed Scottish novelist's less esteemed American namesake,. Walter "Death Valley" Scott, whose enormous and grotesque castle is mentioned in the novel and ; cf. Scott, Donald. Falter, Ted.

Falter is a character in Nabokov's story "Ultima Thule" Ted, a diminutive of Theodore, offers a number of possibilities. Specifically, it is the Anglicized version of the Russian Fedor, the given name of Dostoevskii In addition to the explicitly mentioned "Dostoevskian grin" 70 and , there are numerous subtle allusions to this writer throughout the novel.

Fantasia, Stella. With this name, which in Italian suggests "stellar fantasy," Nabokov apparently refers to any genuine work of art cf. For another Swiftian allusion, see 12 and Johnson [ Stella J , Swift indicates that he had known Stella "from six years old," when he himself was twenty. Moreover, Sidney's largely autobiographical poem contains "fantasia": Stella's dying from grief at the death of Astrophel.

Penelope Devereux, who was a widow in Sidney's lifetime, not only outlived Sidney, but remarried. Toward the end of the novel, Stella is mentioned again, when Humbert witnesses preparation "for a wedding party" of "Murphy- Fantasia" This double surname can be seen perhaps as Nabokov's unique praise of the famous American chess player and world champion, Paul Charles Morphy Flashman, Irving.

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The surname most likely suggests the school bully in Thomas Hughes 's Tom Brown's school years Since " Ploor Irving," "the only Jew among all those Gentiles" 53 and , was apparently harmless and gentle and thus the complete opposite of his literary namesake, this last name was. In his Russian version, Nabokov underscores the boy's Jewishness by altering his name to Fleishman, Moisei, one of only two considerable changes in the list cf. Honeck, Rosaline. The first name alludes to Washington Irving , and perhaps more specifically to his "Legend of the Arabian astrologer," included in The Alhambra collection Irving's story exerted considerable influence on Pushkin's fairy tale "The golden cockerel!

Fox, George. The first name may also be suggestive of Byron, especially as "a Harold" immediately precedes "a Quaker" in Pushkin's novel in verse. Byron, Marguerite and Clarke, Gordon. George's Day — April Both the first and the last names evoke medieval associations. Mabel d. She married Robert of Gloucester, the illegitimate son of Henry I. Gla i ve denotes such weapons of that epoch as spear, lance, halebard, or broadsword; glave is also an obsolete word for a prize, "from the custom of setting up a lance as the winning post and prize in a race" Webster 's 2nd: Moving to more recent times, the first name evokes again Cooper's The pathfinder cf.

Duncan, Walter , in which Mabel Dunham, a magnetic and amiable girl, eventually marries not the title hero, who is well aware of her being "young enough to be my daughter," but Jasper Western, a much younger man. Goodale, Donald. The surname suggests George Lincoln Goodale , the author of Physiological botany. Outlines of the histology of phaenogamous plants. Vegetable physiology This book, quoted in the Oxford English Dictionary see OED, , 12 : 31 , relates to Nabokov's lepidopteral interests, since phaenogamous flowering plants are those from which butterflies gather their nectar.

For the first name, see Scott, Donald. The surname also anagrammatically suggests Geoffrey Douglas Hale Carpenter , an English entomologist, whose works Nabokov undoubtedly knew. Green, Lucinda. Lucinda is also a character in Miguel Cervantes's Don Quixote , and "the inset story" about her also contains rivalry and abduction, or as Nabokov puts it in his lectures on Don Quixote, "Cardenio's bride Luscinda [sic] is kidnapped by Dorothea's lover Don Fernando.

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Lucinda perhaps also alludes to Lucinde , the novel by Friedrich von Schlegel , who is mentioned in Lolita see and ; Lucinde contains an episode of seduction of a little girl. Hamilton, Mary Rose. It also evokes Elizabeth Hamilton , a famous Irish beauty, apparently referred to as "La Belle" in Joyce's Finnegan's wake The first and middle names imply Barrie's eponymous play also see Cowan, Marion. The last name evokes the phonetically identical Colonel Hayes, mentioned in Joyce's Ulysses.

In the novel itself, the latter name is invoked later in Lolita through Mrs. Hays , a motel mistress. Haze's house, and will lose her at the motor court of Mrs. Hays, also a widow" Dolores evokes Robert Browning's "Soliloquy of the Spanish cloister" , from which Humbert takes the opening line for his poem : "Saint, forsooth!

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While brown Dolores" and Rosaline was the object of Romeo's passion before his meeting Juliet. More relevant here, however, is her namesake from Shakespeare's other play Love's labour lost There Rosaline is one of the three ladies attending upon the Princess of France; one of the two other ladies' names is Maria.

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Rats de Jardin His calling himself "Humbert le Bel" 41 and or "Humbert the Humble" 55 suggests the names of medieval rulers. In the Rubcns image, illustrated here by an eighteenth-century engraved reproduction, Henri IV has discarded the trappings of war at the sight of his intended wife. Une visite sous la tente. Titles from front wrappers.

In Nabokov's novel, Lolita is called "a fairy princess between the two maids of honor" 52 , the other being Hamilton, Mary Rose. The surname of this classmate of Lolita's, suggestive of portmanteau combinations such as "hot" and "neck," is mainly reminiscent of the title heroine with her "sticky hot neck" Another possible combination is "honey" and "neck": Humbert calls Rosaline "a rosy honey" and describes her "charming shoulder-long curls" 79 , highlighting her apparently lovely neck. For Humbert, the charm of "pretty Rosaline" 53 mainly underscores the "rose and honey" 11 1 of his nymphet's physical appeal.

Humbert employs these two words, "honey" and "neck," almost next to each other with regard to Lolita, when contrasting "the coarse pink skin of her ICharlotte'sJ neck" to "silk and honey" of her daughter's That the surname is meaningful and devised is corroborated in the novel's Russian version, where Honeck is changed to Grats — one of the only two such drastic changes in the list cf.

Flashman, Irving — which corresponds to the girl's description as gratsioznaia "graceful".

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Knight, Kenneth. Both the first and the last names once again cf. Glave, Mabel evoke medieval associations: Kenneth Mac Alpin ninth century was the first king of the Picts and Scots, who distinguished himself in his military exploits against the Vikings and the English. Kenneth is mentioned in "Berchan's prophecy," which alleged that he "by force of his strength [ In addition, the surname of course alludes to Nabokov's first English novel, The real life of Sebastian Knight 1.

McCoo, Virginia. This surname suggests Finn MacCool, a semilegendary Irish poet and warrior memorialized in the Ossianic legends that are recurrently referred to in Nabokov's Commentary to Eugene Onegin. McCoo also implies Henry Christopher McCook , American naturalist and renowned expert on spiders, the author of American spiders and their spinning work This is relevant to the novel, as the protagonist calls himself "Humbert the wounded spider" 54 and repeatedly likens himself to this eight-footed creature see, for example, Curiously, his book Tenants of old farm is cited for the word "coo" OED, , 2 : The name also phonetically links this classmate of Lolita to her camp Q and to Claire Quilty, nicknamed Cue The connection between the last two homonyms is highlighted when it is dubbed a "curious coincidence" McCooas part of this series of homonyms becomes evident in the same conversation between Humbert and Lolita, but only in the Russian version.

We may recall Quilty's calling Humbert Mac and paraphrasing Macbeth's famous "to-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow" 5.

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Virginia alludes to Poe's wife, mentioned earlier in the novel 43 and McCrystal, Vivian. The surname suggests a compressed form of "magic crystal," a phrase from Eugene Onegin.

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The first name apparently also suggests Vivien from the Arthurian legends, a damsel-magician, depicted in particular in Tennyson's Idylls of the king 1 1 cf.